Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas In The Country Reveal

Drum roll please...Today's the day I share with you about my Christmas In The Country Secret Santa gift exchange. I explained Christmas In The Country last year, and I shared the link again to refresh your memory. I send a gift to my new blogger friend, and likewise, another blogger sends to me. Our mission is to explore new blogs, to learn about the bloggers interests and likes, and then mail her a surprise Christmas gift that not only "fit" her, but shared a bit about me.

Well now, isn't she tricky? My surprise gift came from the great state of Nebraska, and Tracy of Nebraska Wheatie.  I followed Tracy's instructions, and opened all the gifts before reading the card. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!

The first gift I opened gave me a flashback to my college days!

 I recall attending a Cornhuskers football game in Lincoln, Nebraska when I was in marching band at Iowa State University. I don't remember the outcome of the game (alright, we lost) but I sure remember the sea of red in the stadium. Cornhusker pride!

The next surprise was fun for my whole family, as it was a movie about the "wheaties." Tracy and her family are a custom harvesting family, that travel the United States from south to north, harvesting wheat crops for farmers and ranchers. She and her family were featured in this movie! And Tracy thought of everything, as she also included a box of locally made chocolates that we enjoyed (okay...devoured) while we watched the film.

Of course a gift from Nebraska has to include corn. It's not the edible kind, but the kind I can enjoy year after year. It looks sweet hanging in between all my cow ornaments on our Christmas tree.

Finally, Tracy included a framed photo that she took on their harvesting travels in Colorado. Her note said, "I thought the clouds were amazing." So right Tracy, so right! I also saw this photo on her blog. Check it out- Nebraska Wheatie.

Dear Tracy,  I love the package you sent. I appreciate the thought you put into all the gifts. If your travels ever lead you to Minnesota, I hope you'll stop by. I'll probably be wearing my Nebraska socks, and you can see where I hung the beautiful cloud photo!
Your new blogger friend, Janet

My gift was sent to Kerry over at I Married A Milk Man. Take a peek...

Want to see what others received? Check out this link-

Also a special thank you to the organizers of the exchange!



  1. Hi Janet! Looks like you got a great gift! I'm glad you were able to make some new connections and friends this year with the exchange. Thanks for linking up and joining us this year. Have a blessed new year!

  2. Thank you Janet for participating! We loved having you. What a beautiful photograph! Tracy is a lady of many talents and photography is just one of them. Kerry loved her gift as well! What a great match all of you were.
    Many blessings to you in 2016,
    Laurie - Country Link

  3. Janet,
    I need to apologize for never acknowledging your blog and your letter of thanks. I'm SO GLAD you enjoyed your gift and it was something you can enjoy throughout the year. I hope you enjoyed the movie and I apologize if it brought a tear to your eye. Conrad did an amazing job of telling our story. God bless!!
    PS...if I ever AM in MN, I will be sure to look you up!

    1. Tracy, My husband and I just watched your wheat harvest movie again this weekend, and yes it brought a tear to my eye. Many people outside the farming community don't realize the involvement agriculture takes from the WHOLE family. Yours is a beautiful, honest story that shows this commitment.