Tuesday, December 22, 2015

White Christmas?

In Winter, Minnesota is lovingly referred to as Minne-snow-ta...but not this year.
Minnesota traditionally has a white Christmas...but not this year.
This is not your typical December.

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I have been patient up until this point. After all, the official first day of Winter was just yesterday. Now don't get me wrong, I am enjoying the warm weather. Average temperature this time of year is 26 to 32 degrees and that's snow-making temps, but we have been riding 14-18 degrees warmer this month. And that means rain, not snow. It's been dark and wet in our part of Minnesota.

According to Cody and Keith, my two favorite meteorologists from Fox 9, we have had .8" of snow and 1.46" of liquid, rather than the 11.5 average snowfall for this time of year. Minnesota (at least our area of Minnesota) will not be living up to its Minne-snow-ta nickname this year. But isn't this rain good for the farmers?

If the ground is not frozen, and the rain water can soak into the soil, this is helping the farmer, and recharging the groundwater supply. If the ground is frozen, most of the rain will run off, or dry up when (and if) we see the sun again. 
Until then we will just have to slip on our waterproof boots, run through the puddles, and perhaps even build a mud snowman.

Warm greetings from Minne-snow-ta! 

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