Friday, June 19, 2015

Q Is For Quiz

I'm taking you on a journey from A to Z throughout June Dairy Month.
So come on in...the barn doors are open!
  Q Is For Quiz
Remember when you were in school and your teacher announced today we're having a pop quiz? Well good news, today's quiz is not going to be graded. Shown below are close-ups of photos from some of my previous blog posts. Let's see if you can identify what they are. 
1. From  Farming 101-1

2. From Corn's In Now What?
3. From Corn's In Now What?
4. From This And That Thursday - 3

5. From Earth Day Every Day

6. From Hey Hay Looky Here!

7. From Road Trip And A Date

You may also want to read my previous years posts for June Dairy Month...

1. Milking machine
2. Grain Bin
3. Corn 
4. Bunker cover
5. Plate Cooler
6. Round Hay Bale
7. Hoses from Anhydrous applicator
8. Milk Truck

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