Monday, March 16, 2015

Mud, A Sure Sign Of Spring

Mud, mud, I love mud!
   I'm absolutely, positively wild about mud.
   I can't go around it. I've got to go through it.
   Beautiful, fabulous, super duper mud.
Have you heard this song before? Sara and Michael fell in love with this little ditty 25 years ago when we made our weekly visits to the public library. Yep, back when we used to borrow cassette tapes to listen to at home; this one almost always found its way into our book bag.

Now fast-forward 25 years. Sara and Michael are no longer borrowing this cassette from the library, but I could have sworn Farmer John was humming a few "muddy" choruses the other day. No, we are not excited about the muddy yard, the mud tracked into the house on our shoes, or the mud surrounding the bottom of our pant legs, but mud does make a farmer a bit giddy.

You see, mud is a sure sign of Spring. Mud means the soil is warming up. Mud means the frost is coming out of the ground. Mud means Spring planting is fast approaching. 

Farmer John has begun "dusting off" the planting equipment. The seeds have been ordered. A little more sunshine and some warmer weather and Farmer John will be ready to roll.

Until then we will have to settle for another chorus or two of the mud song and the occasional sploosh-sploosh sound of walking through the puddles. After all, it's no fun going around them. You just have to go through them.

Curious about the Mud Song? Take a listen here.



  1. Thanks for introducing me to the Mud Song!

    1. You're welcome. Trust me, once you hear it, it's hard to forget! Someday I'll introduce you to "Alligator in the Elevator".

  2. I always love how one thing on a farm can give us a sign of things to come. In Southern Kansas, we don't have mud season, but when the neighbors start burning pastures, you know things are going to start getting real busy.

    1. Have you ever blogged about pasture burning? We don't do that here.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with mud. I love what it brings, spring, planting, warmer temps. I hate trying to get around in it. Missouri tends to have muddy seasons and we are about to hit a long season of dealing with mud. Can't wait to give this little song a listen too!
    Laurie - Country Link
    Country Fair Blog Party Co-Host

    1. I feel your pain, Laurie. I too have that same love/hate relationship. I get tired of mud being tracked in the house, but it seems something is always finding its way through the door...mud, snow, manure...