Tuesday, October 14, 2014

V Should Be For Victory

V is for "Victory."
V is also for "Vikings Victory."
But this week we will have to settle for V is just for "Vikings."

If you have been following my blog for very long you will already know that I am a HUGE Minnesota Vikings Football fan. So is Farmer John, and so is our son Michael. Daughter Sara...not so much.

Each year for Michael's birthday we cheer on our beloved Vikes at a game that Michael chooses. This year it was verses the Detroit Lions. 
Here's how our day went...

Get up earlier than usual to do chores and milk cows. 
Grab a muffin and some yogurt and head off to the light rail station.
Ride the light rail to the game. 
(This avoids traffic and parking headaches at the stadium).

Me and birthday boy Mike
Farmer John and Sara

Once at the stadium...
Find bathroom, food, and seats...in that order.

Since the Minnesota Vikings are currently building a new stadium, 
this (and next) seasons games are being held at 
the University of Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium.

It is a beautiful stadium on a 60 degree, slightly breezy October day. A December football game...hmmm...maybe not so much.

Win or lose, we always stay until the end.

Other than my creepy "hat-hair" I love this picture.

So our Vikings couldn't pull out a victory (congrats to Detroit) but you can bet we'll be heading back to celebrate Michael's birthday with the Vikes again next year. Until then...

Heading home to do chores.

The players were leaving the stadium at the same time we were and I snapped this picture of 6 foot 8 inch, 343 pound, tackle, Phil Loadholt. After the game, I guess it's back to reality for all of us, dad's and farmers.

For more of our Minnesota Vikings encounters...

You can read about, and view a video of the day we met the Vikings, here-

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