Sunday, June 22, 2014

Q Is For Quarter

It's June Dairy Month! The barn doors are open, 
so join me on my daily A to Z journey 
to learn more about dairy. 
  Q Is For Quarter

Great-grandpa Schaar jingled when he walked. His pockets were always full of quarters. As children, whenever Sara and Michael saw him, Grandpa Schaar handed each of them a shiny quarter. Now to you and me, a quarter may not even be worth bending over and picking up if spotted on a sidewalk, but to young Sara and Michael it was like being presented a hundred dollar bill! As children, they were always saving-up for something that was extravagant, (at least in the eyes of a child). Those quarters were always well spent.

We as adults can spend our quarters wisely too. 
Look what 25 cents can buy you! 

I like a good deal, a bargain. Don't you? 
I think milk is one of the best bargains around. At about 25 cents a glass, milk is a nutritional bargain! Thinking back to N Is For Nine you know milk is packed with lots of essential nutrients, so why wouldn't you choose milk over other beverages that cost the same or more, and give you less? 

As Sara and Michael grew bigger, so did Great-grandpa Schaar's financial gifts. Quarters soon became dollar bills, and dollar bills paved the way for five dollar bills! Five dollars; that's 20, eight ounce glasses of milk! Money well spent! 

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