Thursday, June 12, 2014

J Is For Just a Farmer

It's June Dairy Month! The barn doors are open, 
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  J is for Just A Farmer 
When I was a kid, and other kids would ask,"What does your dad do?" I would rather humbly reply, he's just a farmer. I don't know why I added the just in that reply. Actually, yes I do. I was just being a silly kid with silly kid thoughts. He was just a farmer because he didn't wear a suit and tie to work. He was just a farmer because he didn't get vacations for time off with our family. He was just a farmer because I didn't think he had an important job like the other kids dad's.

My dad got to just spend everyday with his family, working and playing. My dad got to just do the job he loved, everyday. My dad got to just help feed people. My dad got to just be a great example of what a proud, hardworking, compassionate farmer looks like.

As a kid I didn't get it. My dad, and farmers like him, are never just a farmer. As Father's Day rounds the corner, I thank God for my dad,
 the great man he was, and the great farmer he was. 
"What did your dad do?"
My dad was a farmer, and I'm proud of him.

I love you and I miss you... you were never just a dad to me.


  1. Thanks for the awesome tribute! He was a JUST man, fair and compassionate, generous and personable. If you met him you didn't forget. We should all strive to model his characteristics. Miss him too!

    1. We were blessed to have such a great dad! He and mom taught us the importance of hard work, the desire to always do our best, and the importance of family. Blessings!