Monday, May 26, 2014

Road Trip, And A Date!

With oats, barley, and peas poking their heads through the soil, Farmer John has moved on to planting corn, with only a few hiccups along the way. There is a lot to know, and do, during Spring planting season.

Last week, while applying fertilizer to the soil before planting, Farmer John phoned me, "Janet, bring that roll of tubing over to the field by the County Park." Without question, because I know I have a somewhat frustrated, slightly impatient Farmer waiting in the field, I grabbed the tubing and the needed tools and headed down the road. Some of the property we farm was purchased from John's Grandpa when he retired, therefore it is about 5 miles from our home farm. This is always where break-downs occur, never directly behind our house. Go figure...

Within minutes the hose was fixed, Farmer John was back to work, and I was heading home to start calf chores.
Fast forward to today... Happy Memorial Day! The morning started with Michael and I milking cows so that Farmer John could get an early start on planting corn. "Trying to beat the rain", John said as he jumped into the tractor and started off toward the field. Yes, the same field I visited last week with the roll of tubing, however this time I got some advance warning that I would be making another excursion to that field. "About 1:30 I'll need lunch and more corn seed." "Will do," I said.

Packed and ready to go. Not everyone celebrates Memorial Day in a corn field, but many farmers do!

After lunch in the car (we farm wives call that a date) John was traveling down the field planting again, and I was heading back home to start chores, at least until the phone rings again..."I need more seed." Road trip for me!

Happy Memorial Day!

I love that our neighbor flies this huge flag every day.

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