Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Once" Upon A Time

...upon a time a young man named Michael was shopping for a Christmas present for his mother. His mother was not difficult to please, but it seemed that she was in need of nothing. "I have everything I need," she always said. Michael, being the savvy online shopper he is, chose to explore the options of journeying to Minneapolis with Mom to see a play or a concert. After much searching, Michael narrowed the choices to comedian Jim Gaffigan, the musical "Once", or the musical "Sister Act".

Christmas finally arrived and Michael anxiously awaited the time for his mom to open the gift from him. Before opening the package, mom made her usual predictions of what may be inside. "Is it a puppy?" she quipped. Not exactly...wrong again. But she was not disappointed to discover the coupon with the three choices.
April fourth finally arrived and Michael, Mom (and Sara too) took the long, 23 minute drive to downtown Minneapolis, home of The Orpheum Theater. The 90 year old theater, which none of us had ever been to, was a beautiful step back in time; a time when seeing the architecture and decor was almost as enjoyable as the production on stage!

And the production- Once, the musical was amazingly wonderful! The music, dancing, instrumentals...all amazingly wonderful! We all totally enjoyed the evening. So where was farmer John? He had an amazingly wonderful evening home milking cows. Yes, he is not much of a theater person, and especially not the musical version. So while we were appreciating the beautiful sounds of talented actors, he was appreciating the gentle moos of contented cows. 
Thank you Michael for this mom's night at the theater. My birthday is in May...another night at the theater, Michael? Hint-hint...

Loving life, on and off the farm!

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