Thursday, February 20, 2014

This And That Thursday - 16

A little bit of this and a little bit of that- here's what we've been up to.

Our local CBS television station has an ongoing segment called "Good Question" where viewers are encouraged to submit questions that need answers. Last nights "Good Question" was "Why are we drinking less milk?" Here is the link to the interesting and informative response-"Why are we drinking less milk?" 

Quote from "Good Question"-
“I think it’s because a lot of people don’t understand that even as adults we need to be having dairy products every day,” said Deb Sheats, the director of the Nutrition and Dietetics program at St. Catherine University.

And also this week...

My previous post Don't Get Mad...Get Even? was my response to Chipotles online satire comedy series about "industrial farming" and its effect on consumers. I disagreed with their approach to satisfying "consumer curiosity." Chipotle responded to my post, via Twitter.

The conversation continued after this initial interaction. You can see the entire conversation on Twitter. 

I chose to leave the conversation after several exchanges, and here is my reasons for doing so- Mr. Arnold is being paid by Chipotle to endorse their stand on this issue and therefore will not agree with my thoughts even if, by chance, he personally did agreed. Secondly, Mr. Arnold did not broaden the conversation by using #hashtags, therefore not encouraging others to jump into the conversation. It appeared it was becoming a one-on-one battle of words.

I have not given-up on sharing my perception on our ethically grounded, scientifically verified and economically viable way of farming, I am just doing it my way...answering consumers questions, being open about what we do on our farm, and building trust between us farmers and your family. I'm choosing to take the high road!

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