Thursday, November 21, 2013

This And That Thursday - 9

A little bit of this and a little bit of that- here's what we've been up to. 

A bit of electrical work was needed this week, as a 90' electrical wire that stretches from a cattle barn to our feed shed was not where it was supposed to be. It seems the wire that was designed to withstand 100 mph winds could not withstand a measly 50 mph breeze. The wire became disconnected from the connector that attaches it to the electric pole. So four men, 2 1/2 hours and $684 later, eureka! We discovered electricity.

Tonight our son Michael reminded us that even farmers need a little time off. At 5:45 tonight, Michael and his friend Tony began waiting in line at our local Walmart to be one of the few eligible to purchase the new XBox One video game system that becomes available at midnight tonight. I have a feeling I'll be on morning milking duty tomorrow. Have fun Michael!

McDonald’s created an amazing video showcasing dairy farmers hard work and dedication and thanking us for all we do. McDonald's has introduced 27 new dairy-friendly products this year alone. You're welcome McDonald's; happy to help!

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