Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hey Hay, Looky Here! and A Giveaway Too!

Farmer John is a happy guy this week as he added a new "work-horse" to the farm. 

This is how we brought newly baled alfalfa bales in from the fields, last week. Large bales were carefully placed on a wagon, holding eight bales. Driving through bumpy field roads, and traffic on the highway, we prayed each bale would stay in its assigned seat.
The "before" photo.

And this is how we bring newly baled alfalfa bales in from the fields, this week. This wagon holds twelve bales. Each bale is neatly nestled in its "seat" enjoying its ride to the hay barn, where it will wait for its turn to be fed to our cattle. Farmer John says our $7,000 wagon was worth every cent! 
The "after" photo.
Room for 4 more.
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