Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Drive-In Is Out

Cottage View Drive-In
Today is my  day to reminisce. Our local drive-in theater is getting a new home. But let me back up a bit. The Cottage View Drive-In Theater was only two miles from my family farm where I grew up. It was where my family spent countless evenings enjoying the latest productions Hollywood had to offer. It also played host to many of my birthday parties while in Junior High and High School. My friends packed into a couple cars for the movie and then headed back to my home for the "sleepless" sleep-over. And lastly, it was the home of my first job. For three years I worked the concession stand asking, "Do you want plain or buttered popcorn?" or "Would you like a small, medium or large orange drink?" And for the next two years I sold tickets to the entering cars, and my tune changed to "The back three rows are closed. Enjoy the show!"  I have a real love for this theater, the friends I met while working there, and all the fun memories. 

Sadly the theater closed last fall due to the high costs of updates and owning a business that is only open a few months of the year. The Cottage View is now the home to a big-box store. Losing the Drive-In was like losing a close friend. It made me sad to think of all the fun times my family experienced, that others wouldn't get to enjoy. I wanted it to stay there, even if it didn't open again. It was a big part of my youth, and I didn't want it to go away. Remember that favorite toy you had as a child, that you know you will never play with again, but you just can't part with? Or that favorite outfit that hangs in the back of your closet that you know you'll never wear again, but it's still there? That's my Drive-In.

I'm happy to let you know that even though The Cottage View isn't open any longer, it hasn't disappeared completely. Hastings is home to the Little Log House Pioneer Village and Antique Power Show. Steve and Sylvia Bauer have a love for saving the past and have restored about 45 buildings, which will now be joined by the Cottage View Drive-In Theater! 


Currently the sign is getting a little TLC, and the screen will hopefully follow. The Antique Power Show will be July 26, 27, and 28 and all the buildings and beautiful grounds will be busy with folks like me that are coming to do some reminiscing. Click on the above link to see what it's all about. Perhaps you'll want to join me in a little reminiscing next weekend.

Do you have a childhood memory of a place that makes you smile? Have you ever been to a pioneer village or an antique power show? Leave me a comment.

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