Monday, July 29, 2013

My Minute Of Fame

Fame is usually not associated with farming, unless  of course you are Lisa and Oliver Douglas from the old TV show "Green Acres." Their fame as farmers came because they moved from New York to Hooterville, with no knowledge of how to farm. Although they gave us lots of laughs, Green Acres was not an accurate portrayal of farming. Now here's where my "minute of fame" comes in. A few days ago I received a call asking if I would give some "accurate knowledge" on the reduction of fluid milk consumption by consumers. The request came from WCCO, our local CBS affiliated radio station in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The next morning I was being interviewed by Susie Jones, of WCCO, here at Bremer Farms. Of course there was much more I wanted to say, but the completed news story that was heard on the radio was only one minute. You can hear the news story here.

Ms. Jones also created a story for WCCO's web page which you can see, and also hear the complete interview by clicking here.

Knowing that fewer people are drinking milk doesn't change what we do on the farm. Everyday we are still committed to taking good care of our land, and our cows. So what would make a dairy farmer happy? Drink up! We farmers, and our cows, are doing our part, so now we need everyone to do theirs!

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