Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Farmer John's Best Birthday Gift

Today is a great day!

If you have been following my blog you know that our Minnesota Spring and Summer weather has not been what we were hoping for. Our cold, wet Spring weather brought us a late start to our planting season. Our Spring weather also required us to purchase hay for our cattle, since we could not bale hay as early as usual. Our Summer weather started out very rainy and now has transitioned into hot and dry, to the point that our irrigation had to be started to give our crops their much needed drink of water.

The weather is not the only frustration we have dealt with lately. Yesterday our pick-up truck decided it wanted new brakes, and, not to be out-done, our loader tractor wanted new brakes too. So, off to two repair shops they go! Our milk-pump that provides the vacuum for our milking machines decided it wanted a little attention too, so a repair man paid it a visit. Oh yes, and one of our hay wagons that is used to transport our large, round hay bales home from the field decided it was time to retire...permanently...beyond repair.

So why is today a great day? Today is Farmer John's birthday! To a hard working dairy farmer like John, the best gift he could receive is a productive day, to do the job he loves.

John birthday gift- A beautiful, sunny day to make hay, a little puddle under the wagon to remind him of the early morning rain, and 3 wagons that didn't break down. Yes, the kids and I bought him gifts also, but I know Farmer John well enough to know that even if we didn't purchase gifts, he would be happy with what God blessed him with today.

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  1. Birthday blessings to you, John!

  2. Happy birthday John! So glad this wasn't an NSFW post!

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