Friday, June 21, 2013

R Is For Reading

I'm taking you on a journey from A to Z through the land of dairy! 
There's no need to pack your bags, just come along!
  R Is For Reading
I love to read. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I enjoy my off-the-farm job as an Instructional Assistant in reading and math at one of our local elementary schools. My love of reading might also be the reason for me sharing some of my favorite "cow" books whenever I can. This spring I contacted my local public library asking if I could read my cow books at the story times during June Dairy Month. I goofed! Who knew that the schedule was made out 6 months, to a year, ahead? Well I do now, and you can bet I am already on the schedule for June, 2014!
Millie Waits for the Mail
Here are some of my favorites-
Millie waits for the Mail by Alexander Steffensmeier  
Millie is unlike most other cows. She chews her cud and grazes in the fields with the others, but she doesn't enjoy that nearly as much as she loves scaring the mail carrier. It's too bad the mail carrier doesn't have as much fun each time Millie comes up with a new way to surprise him. 

 Cows Can't Fly
 Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

Cows Can't Fly by David Milgrim 

Ms. Crumb said cows were far too fat; that facts were facts and that was that. But this little boy doesn't care about facts. All he knows is that he drew a picture of some cows, and when a breeze blows it into the air, he sees cows flying everywhere. And if cows can fly, isn't anything possible?

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin
Farmer Brown is used to all the sounds he hears on his farm. The clucks of the chickens, the quacks of the ducks, and the loud moos of the cows. Then one morning, a sound rings through the fields: Click, clack moo. It seems that his cows have begun to type on the old typewriter. Not only that, they have also typed a request. 

Do you have a favorite cow or farm book? I'm always looking for new stories to add to my collection. After all, I have until June 2014 to add to my library!
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I am making a commitment to share as much as I can with you each day this month, about the life of our dairy farm family including what we do, how we share our passion for dairy, and dairy foods we enjoy.

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  1. I LOVE Click, Clack, Moo - Cows that type! Such a cute story and the kids always love it!

    Millie Waits for the Mail sounds like a cute book - I will have to add that to my library. Thanks!

    I like The Milk Makers by Gail Gibbons too - the kids always love it and there is so much information in the book I read it to them over and over and they learn something new each time! There is also a Reading Rainbow video that goes with it.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I forgot about The Milk Makers. I used to have a copy, and I've misplaced it somewhere along my travels. I'll put it on my bookstore shopping list.