Sunday, June 9, 2013

F Is For Family

I'm taking you on a journey from A to Z through the land of dairy! 
There's no need to pack your bags, just come along! 
 F Is For Family

Like our farm, approximately 98% of all Minnesota farms are owned by families. 
Brown's Pleasant View Farm- about 1969
My family was farmers. My mom and dad began farming together in 1950. My sister Dolores, and brother Gary and I completed the family.
Bremer farms- about 1958
My in-laws Roy and Karen were married in 1958 and moved to this farm. Shortly after, Farmer John and his sister Ruth joined the family.
John and I are each at least fifth generation dairy farmers. All of my aunts and uncles were dairy farmers, and many of John's were also. I guess you could say, "farming is in our blood." 

Roy and Karen, John and I, and our children Sara and Michael complete the three generations on our farm. Since we are a smaller farm, we have no hired employees. Farmer John is the full-time farmer, but Roy and Karen are also very involved. Sara, Michael and I work off the farm as well, but we each have daily chores as well. Our farm is truly a family affair, and we are blessed to be able to work together.
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I am making a commitment to share as much as I can with you each day this month, about the life of our dairy farm family including what we do, how we share our passion for dairy, and dairy foods we enjoy.

 See you here tomorrow...G is for Growing.