Saturday, May 25, 2013

They Picked Farm Day!

Each day Ms. Garvey's 1st graders work hard to earn points in hopes of  being rewarded with a special theme day. This time the choices were beach day, game day, or farm day. After the votes were tallied, farm day was named the winner! After a morning of farm themed lessons and projects, I arrived to give my dairy presentation. 
Good listeners while I show photos and video of our farm.

You can learn about my school presentations by visiting my blog post Back to School.

The kiddos learned there are many kinds of dairy foods and that we should each have three servings every day.

Here are some of my favorite questions I was asked. I have included links to previous posts, if you would like to learn more. How often do you change the animals bedding? This is done every day so they stay clean and healthy. (Time to Change the Sheets) What other animals are on your farm? We have lots of cows and lots of cats! (I'm Not Kitten Around) If a cow drinks a bathtub of water each day, do you collect rainwater for them to drink? Our cows drink rainwater, well water and recycled water. (Every Day Is Earth Day) After I explained the difference between bulls and cows, and that only cows can give milk, my next question was...How do you get bull calves? Just like people, mommy's have girl babies or boy babies. And lastly, Where did Flat Aggie go?
I sent our little visitor from California to a farm in Arkansas. (Flat Aggie From California)

After a treat of ice cream sundaes and dairy goodie bags to take home, it was time for me to leave. I love sharing a little of what happens in My Barnyard!

A gift as I was leaving. That's me in the middle.

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