Friday, April 19, 2013

Not Quite Yet!

Have I mentioned our farm is across the street (road, in country language) from a golf course? Hole three of the Platinum Course of Emerald Greens Golf Course is 250 feet straight north of our front door. It is a beautiful well manicured sight in the summer. It provides us with entertainment when a golfer gets a hole-in-one. And sometimes it grants us a free language lesson on what not-to-shout in public when the ball doesn't find the hole. My family all enjoys sitting in our front yard enjoying the entertainment and the view, after a day of working on and off the farm.

But as you can see, Mother Nature has played another cruel trick on us, with another blast of winter. If you look closely you can see the optimism of the golf course staff however. See the blue flag marking the hole?

We as farmers have to have that optimistic attitude too. No matter what the season, weather is a concern. When winter winds down, we think about "When will it be warm enough and dry enough to start planting?"  When summer rolls around the question is "Will we have enough rain or too much rain?" Fall's question is "Will we finish harvest before  winter rears its head again?" Our "farmer optimism" always wins out though, because each spring we say a prayer and place more seeds in the soil to start the process all over again.

Until then we'll just sit in the yard and enjoy the view.

Well, maybe not quite yet!

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