Monday, February 25, 2013

Ice, Ice Baby!

It was a toasty 34 degrees in Minnesota today. Thanks to the sunshine, we saw a slight decrease in the height of our snowbanks. Puddles were starting to cover the layer of ice found on our driveway. Beautiful, shiny, crystal-clear icicles were forming on the barns, dripping as if they were racing to see who could be the first to touch the ground. Could Spring be far off?

Following afternoon calf feeding and before cow milking, Sara and Michael found the beautiful, shiny, crystal-clear icicles to be too tempting. It was time for some horse-play! (Is it called cow-play since we live on a dairy farm?) 

Armed with the largest icicle each could find, it was time for the duel to begin. Moving with the swiftness of a cheetah, and the precision of a trained warrior, the battle began. (I believe the true battle was who could keep from laughing the longest.) Icicles in pieces on the ground, dethroned from the roof line of the barn; the duel was declared a tie! Who knew there could be so much fun to be found in an icicle? Sara and Michael did!

Sara and her 6'6" weapon icicle.


  1. In keeping with my "no violence" policy, I will not be posting any dueling pictures. Sorry for the disappointment this may have caused. :)