Thursday, February 14, 2013

A "Grand A" Day

Do you remember, as a child, how exciting Valentine's Day was? It was one of my favorite school days. It was so fun to make our box at home to bring to school so our classmates could stuff it full of Valentine's. Most of my Valentine mailboxes were made of shoe boxes or tissue boxes covered with paper, and if I was really lucky my mom would let me use wrapping paper as the covering! Most classmates made red or pink construction paper hearts and our "best" friends got the special hearts with the lacey paper doily attached. Of course as I got a bit older it was the "secret crush" that got that special decorated heart!

Working as an Elementary School educator, I still get to experience Valentine's Day from a child's perspective. The mailboxes may not be shoe boxes or tissue boxes and the Valentine's are probably bought and not home-made, but one thing hasn't changed...the excitement! It's nice to know some things don't change.

Wishing you and your sweethearts a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Thanks to "Must Be the Milk" for this image

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