Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gone, But Not Forgotten

2012 may be gone, but it's not forgotten. Here are the
Top Ten Most Viewed Posts 
on My Barnyard View.

10. Santa Lives in Our Neighborhood (8/9/12)- The story of a wonderful neighbor that makes regular deliveries in the summer, and a recipe for the gift he delivers.
9. Moma Mia, It's Pizza (10/2/12)- "94% of Americans eat pizza at least once each month." Who knew?
8. I Want My Mummy! (10/31/12)- Mummy and the kids in the kitchen.
7. Food For Thought (11/17/12)- Will you be the big cheese at this Dairy Trivia?
6. Real Deal (11/4/12)- "I demand good tastings, good quality dairy foods. Don't you?"
5. Frostbite Fever (10/23/12)- I made this discovery in St. Louis while at a blogging conference.
4. Farming 101-1 Cow Milking (5/28/12)- Every morning and every evening, that's how we do it!
3. What's In A Name? (5/12/12)- I am proud to announce the birth of my blog!
2. Our Pat on the Back (6/7/12)- "Farming can be a rewarding, as well as challenging occupation."
1. Competition For Norman Rockwell (11/15/12)- We shared a meal, stories, and laughs. See what I shared in this post that got the MOST views.

Thanks for your support and comments on my inaugural year of My Barnyard View. What else would you like to learn about? Share your farm or dairy questions in the comments. I would be happy to address them.

I am blessed to work with my family, doing what we love. I'm loving life, on and off the farm! Happy New Year. Cheers!

To learn more about dairy farming go to Midwest Dairy. Check out the delicious dairy recipes too!

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