Friday, December 7, 2012

A Lot Of Babies

"Hi again. It's me, Flat Aggie from California. Remember me? You first met me when Jan and John took me to the Midwest Dairy Expo. It's time for me to share another adventure with Miss Sarah's first grade class, and you too. It's colder in Minnesota, than California, so Jan made me a coat and hat to keep me warm while I helped FEED CALVES!"
This is the calf "hotel." Each calf gets it's own room!
"Daughter Sara and Grandma Karen take care of the calves on the family farm. Each calf lives in it's own pen, in a solar building. The word "solar" means the sun provides the heat and the light for the building. The calves are fed every morning and every evening. Each calf has 2 buckets on the front of their pen, one for milk and one for feed. The calves like to drink warm milk. When they are finished, they get lots of fresh water to drink too. The youngest calves get special feed made from corn, oats and molasses. It smells really good! The older calves get feed without molasses, but they must really like it, because they moo a lot until they get fed!"
 I helped Sara feed calves, after she got home from teaching school.
"Sara and Grandma also keep the building clean. They sweep the floor everyday, and give the calves clean straw to lay on. This keeps them clean and comfortable so they stay healthy. And just like people, if a calf does get sick, they get medicine. That's one of Grandma's jobs. The farm also has visits from the veterinarian (animal doctor) to make sure the animals stay healthy. In the last 14 days, 15 calves have been born! That's a lot of babies!"
Grandma Karen and I with a 1-day-old calf.


  1. Take good care of those future members of the herd!

  2. Absolutely! They are in good hands!