Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis...

One week from today I will be attending the Show Me The Blog Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Show Me the Blog is the brainchild of Danyelle Little. The conference was created for social media
enthusiasts in St. Louis to network, share information, and exchange resources. Show Me the Blog
promises to be a unique experience for those interested in new media, social media, blogging, and
technology. Last years event brought bloggers from several states and due to last years success, the conference has been increased to two days.

I will be attending, on behalf of Midwest Dairy, to share my blogging story during a presentation called "From Farm to Table."  Becky Bode, from Bode Dairy, and I will be sharing about our blogs and our passion for promoting dairy and farming. Stephanie Cundith, Midwest Dairy registered dietitian, will also be participating in the presentation by preparing Mozzarella Pepper Salsa and speaking about the nutritional benefits of dairy foods. Of course there will be Salsa samples and time for questions and answers.

As you follow my blog, I'm sure you have found out that I love to teach and I love to spread the word about the dairy industry that we are so proud to be a part of. Midwest Dairy is giving me a great opportunity to continue doing this by attending this conference. I look forward to sharing my news, moos and reviews with the conference goers. You can follow me on Twitter @MyBarnyardView #SMBSTL to see what goes on.

Hannah Holstein, pack your bags. We're heading to St. Louis!

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