Thursday, August 30, 2012

Minnesota's Newest Farm Hand

Hannah Holstein at the Minnesota State Fair
Day 3

Today Hannah Holstein became a "Little Farm Hand", probably the littlest Farm Hand! Our first destination at the Minnesota State Fair was the "Little Farm Hands" exhibit sponsored by Kemps. This interactive display walks "Little Farm Hands" and their families through the farming process beginning with purchasing the seed. Come along as Hannah experiences education and entertainment rolled into one exciting journey through the eyes of a farmer.
After buying seeds, Hannah drove her pedal tractor to plant them.
Hannah waited her turn to milk the cow.
After milking the cow, collecting eggs, picking apples and harvesting the garden, it was time for a rest with Farmer Charlie Brown. The last stop was the grocery store where we could spend some of our farm income. 

This entire experience is so much fun for the Little Farm Hands and all along the route there are kid friendly farm facts that even the moms and dads can learn from.

The best part of this exhibit is how much the families are learning about farming. The amount of knowledge farmers need and their dedication to their land and animals is very clear throughout the display. Thank you Kemps for giving the city folks a little taste of the country life!
Hannah wanted her picture taken with the Kemps State Fair cow.


  1. We're can I get a Charlie Brown like the one you have?

    1. The Charlie Brown statue "lives" on the grounds of the Minnesota State Fair. He is located at the Little Farm Hands exhibit. I would suggest you send a message to the Fair. You can find them on Face Book @minnesotastatefair. I hope this helps. The fair runs August 25-September 5. Come visit the fair if you can!